Vijay Yadav is an Indian Youtuber and stand-up comic. He boasts a Youtube subscriber count of 420k+ and his genre of crude comedy is widely appreciated in the comedy circuit. Check out his hilarious videos on his Youtube channel and Facebook page.

How did you get into comedy? What are some myths about stand-up comedy and comedians?

I was clueless about standup comedy before 2016. Back then, I was running a successful business and was planning to write a book. I attended a writers’ program organized by one of my friends from Hello Meets, where I learned about my humorous writing style. As someone who had severe stage fright and zero public speaking skills, my bubble of being funny burst when I first hit the open mic scene on March 15th, 2016. However, I felt that I should give it a few more tries. With time, I started loving being on stage. There it was — I found internal happiness when I made people laugh. It’s been 4 years since and I’m loving every minute that I’m on stage.
A common myth is that its easy to do this, which couldn’t be farther from the truth. It takes years of practice and hard work, and writing jokes requires a hell lot of time and energy. Another common misunderstanding is that you’ll start earning the moment you start doing standup comedy. Here are my two cents, everybody critiques the success and limelight, yet nobody acknowledges the years of hard work that go behind achieving it.

What do you think is different about your brand of comedy and when did you realize that you had made it as a comedian, your Eureka! moment?

I have a crude personality on stage, which is a combination of crazy and rude. I think people like that because I feed into the Haryanvi stereotype.
Even though I’ve taken it up as a full-time profession, It’s still early to say that I’m a comedian as there’s more to learn. I became certain that I would be doing stand-up full time the moment I started enjoying myself on stage. I do not know what the future holds, but doing what I do makes me forget all that is wrong in life, and it might sound selfish, but I am doing this for my happiness.

What were the challenges that you faced during your journey to establishing yourself as a comedian? Any advice for aspiring comics looking to catch a break?

This journey is full of challenges. It took me almost a year to get comfortable on stage as I battled stage fright and fear of public speaking, which were hard to overcome. I still get anxious before going on stage, but as soon as the first laugh hits, the anxiety evaporates.
My advice for the ones who want to start — believe in yourself, hit as much stage as you can, write more, and be patient.

How does one manage to stay focused and brave all the uncertainty in a profession as dynamic as comedy? Who would you say has been a support to you, throughout?

It’s quite challenging to pursue your passion because the future always seems unsure. My main support is my patience. I’ve been an entrepreneur, and patience is the one thing that business teaches you. There are ups and downs in every profession, and like so, as comedians, we hit a wall many a time because of the writer’s block. So, my focus is always on hitting more and more stage time and to keep writing. Doing so helps the process, and the rest falls into place. Being true to the process keeps me going.
Comedy being a solo profession, we have to be self-motivating most of the time. We also have great comedians to look up to, who are a constant support.

What is the basis of your jokes: observation, sheer brainstorming, or something else? Which place, according to you has the best comedy scene in India?

My jokes are mainly observations, but now I’m trying my hand at storytelling, which also incorporates observations.
I used to think that the Mumbai audience is more inclined towards comedy. However, once I started traveling and did multiple shows across the country, I realized that we judge a city based on the show we’ve done there. On the other hand, sometimes a city surprises us even if it is the first comedy show in that city.


  1. He’s really a great comedian. He said it correctly that no one sees the years of hardwork and multiple failures behind a successful person. One should should have faith and keep moving forward and keep learning.


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