Mon, 25 Oct 2021
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Bhargsetu Sharma: Animals Are Excellent Healers

Bhargsetu Sharma is a tenacious 23-year-old girl who is often touted as the epitome of benevolence. She is the founder of Humans...

Dharmender Khanna: Indian eCommerce Is Setting Benchmarks in Technology

Dharmender Khanna is a dynamic retail professional with 2 decades of experience in the retail industry as well as online sales. He...
Pranav Goyal

Pranav Goyal: JEE Advanced AIR-1 on How He Cracked It

Pranav Goyal secured AIR-1 in the JEE Advanced Examination in 2018 wherein he scored 117/120 marks in Physics, 114/120 in Chemistry and...

Vidisha Baliyan: Overcoming Odds Never Looked Classier

Miss Deaf World 2019, Vidisha Baliyan, shares the challenge her disorders pose, her love for tennis, and her reasons for performing Tandava at the contest.

David Rocco: Italians Do Eat Better

David Rocco is a Canadian executive producer, best-selling author, celebrity chef, and the host of several internationally syndicated television series. He is...

Sowmya Dechamma: Pioneer of Kodava

Sowmya Dechamma is a professor at The Centre for Comparative Literature, University of Hyderabad in India. Apart from teaching Comparative Indian Literature...

Nishant Suri: The New Generation of Comedy

An engineer - turned - banker - turned - wedding photographer - turned - stand-up comedian. He's been doing stand up for...

Anubhav Agrawal: The Voice of Unsaid Emotions

Anubhav Agrawal is India’s most viral poet with 2 billion+ views on Instagram, 10 million views+ on Facebook, and 2 million+ views...

Alok Govil: AI Could Augment Our Intelligence

Alok Govil is a principal engineer at Amazon, focusing on artificial intelligence and computer vision.  He is a full-stack technologist with breadth...

Varun Singh Bhati: Arjuna Award Boosted My Confidence

Varun Singh Bhati is a 24-year-old para high-jumper from India. Having been afflicted with Poliomyelitis at a young age, his sporting talent...