Baseer Ali is an Indian model, host, and television personality best known for participating in MTV India’s Roadies Rising(runner-up), Splitsvilla 10(winner), and Ace Of Space 2(runner-up). He later went on to host On-Road With Roadies for Roadies Xtreme(2018), On Road With Roadies for Roadies: Real Heroes(2019), and Splitsvilla 11 on Voot. He was also crowned Hyderabad’s Most Desirable Man by the Times of India in 2017.

You have notably always come forward to have a conversation to sort out issues. Why do you think it’s important to have an open conversation and to stand up for the stuff you believe in?

In today’s age, It’s important to have individuality, be clear on what you stand for, and set principles to live life by. But we often find ourselves in a situation where people do not share our opinion on things. In times such as these, it’s important to know the whole matter before jumping in, only to be proven wrong at the end. However, it’s okay to put yourself out there and share your perspective because who knows, there might be others who feel the same way and you might have chanced upon a community that shares the same goals in life. The key is to have confidence and to be honest. Being a good listener helps too!

You were one of the top contestants in Roadies, Ace of Space, and the winner of Splitsvilla S10. What would you attribute your success to? How much of a role does luck play in it?

Finishing as a finalist on all the three shows that I participated in was actually the most important part of those journies. Honestly, I think it was sheer confidence that carried me throughout, but of course, training is equally important. I guess this stands true for any competition; if you are not confident in yourself, you lose before even having step foot in the ring. The formats for the 3 shows that I participated in were entirely different. The only thing that remained constant was my confidence. Any time I stepped up for a task, I could make out that my opponents were intimidated by my confidence. As for luck, it plays quite a big part. You can only ever play the odds and give your best.

In the age of social media, things are often taken out of context and everything is criticized. How do you deal with all the criticism and hypocrisy?

The age of social media is the most influential yet toxic age. Influential because it is sharing a lot of businesses and opportunities across the globe. It has changed people’s lives, mine included. But there are some people who have gotten the wrong idea. They have tried to mimic famous people in order to gain popularity and have lost their identity in the process. Then there are those who fail in their attempt at copying original entertainers and turn abusive. People think it’s very easy to become a “thing” via social media but let me bust that myth for you. A large number of people today are trying to become influencers, trying to sell their business on social media, trying to be the next big thing in comedy or fitness, but I believe that the market has saturated unless you’re coming out with original content. As far as criticism goes, when we put something out there, we have to be prepared for some nastiness as well. You have to be thick-skinned and remember your goals.

In 2017, you secured the title of Hyderabad’s Most Desirable Man leaving behind major motion stars like Vijay Deverokonda, Prabhas, Ramcharan etc: How did that come into being? How did it feel?

2017 was a life-changing year for me. I did Roadies which was my first show, and then I went on to win Splitsvilla right after that, which was my first victory on T.V. The same year I was nominated for the title of The Most Desirable Man of Hyderabad by the Times of India alongside megastars of the Tollywood industry. Some people knew me from the show, but I was just a new guy. My fans voted for me and made me win the title! It is one of the most special achievements of my life because I felt acknowledged by a huge brand like TOI and the Tollywood industry without any effort on my part.

Tell us a bit about your Roadies’ journey and your relationship with your team. You have gone on record to say that you used to have an aggressive nature but then you turned over a new leaf for your mom. This is quite a common occurrence among young people who think that aggression answers all. What advice would you give to them?

I still remember my audition. Ranvijay Sir was sitting right in front of me and told me that I was not ready, and If he indeed selected me, I would be over by twenty-five. I said just give me a chance(laughs!). Thanks to Ranvijay Sir, Prince, Neha, Nikhil Chinapa, and to everyone else, I think I’m moving in the right direction. Ranvijay’s words from that audition greatly impacted me and are always at the back of my mind. I do not want to disappoint people who have put their faith in me or damage my career by making hasty decisions.
As far as my childhood goes, I had a healthy childhood but some experiences were such that I was suffering from them throughout my adolescence, like having grown up without a father figure. I resorted to anger as the answer to everything from ages fourteen to twenty-one. I was a difficult child, which was upsetting my mother. I then introspected and decided to prioritize my family and let go of my anger. I channelized my aggression into determination and further into motivation. That would be my advice to youngsters as well: If you can’t do it for yourself, think of those who believe in you and have always supported you through all your phases, and channelize your aggression into positivity and fuel for your dreams and aspirations.


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  2. The way he has elaborated his hard work is blissful to read…his aggression towards achieving his goals is commendable and all over the interview is superb.

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  4. He’s said it very well that confidence is most important.
    One should believe in himself and channelise his agression in the right way to achieve the goals.


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