Aksh is a singer/songwriter widely known for creating covers and mashups of popular songs. In 2016, his video “1 Guy 30 Voices(Indian Edition)” went viral upon posting and amassed 30 million+ views across YouTube and Facebook. With his pop vocals and unique skill at making and looping beats, he boasts 750 million+ views on his YouTube channel. Aksh is a happy-go-lucky person and loves to entertain his fan base of 1.6 Million+YouTube subscribers.

You have a subscriber count of 2.2 million+ people on YouTube. From launching your first video in 2016 till today, were you expecting to become this huge sensation? What do you think is unique about your style that clicked with people?

I wanted this to be my full-time career right from the beginning. I didn’t just start this as a hobby! When I started, my sole aim was to grow and I still believe that I have a long way to go. As an independent musician who is not signed to a label, you have to take care of a lot of things yourself, which I believe is better in the long run. I think I am good at finding the commonalities between songs, which helps me find the right songs for a mashup. Also, simplicity is the key.

When did you decide that you wanted to pursue music and what factors did you consider while making this decision? Were your parents supportive of your decision?

After I completed my Bachelor’s in Commerce, I asked my dad for a year off from studies to start my YouTube channel, as I wanted to put my heart and soul into it. That’s my mantra for success: you have to do it wholeheartedly and not as a side thing. I identified this huge trend of mashups and covers in the west which I felt was missing in the Indian market, and that’s the gap that I tried to fill. My parents were supportive of my decision. The only thing they wanted for me was to start earning. The day I started making money off of this, they became even more supportive!

Tell us about your musical journey to date. Who would you say is your inspiration/guiding force?

From a single shared room where I was only able to record at night to performing worldwide, it’s been a hell of a ride. Being a YouTuber, you learn something new every day. From learning about emerging tech to networking, it’s all about improving oneself, which ultimately helps make better content and understand the market. My dad has always been my guiding force and I have learned so much from him. More importantly, the trust he has placed in me always helps me counter any unfortunate situations.

A lot of young minds with a passion for music fail to pursue it as a career due to pressure and competition, any advice for them? How would you suggest they start out in the music industry (YouTube/talent shows etc.)?

In the current era, you cannot “make it” with just talent. Before starting my channel, I did a lot of research. I learned to market myself online, honed myself as a creator, and even delved into the working algorithms of various platforms. For anyone who wants to pursue a career in music, I would suggest you first research and learn the basics of everything from design to marketing. After that, there is only one thing you need to do: Start uploading! Push your best content, aggressively, on platforms like YouTube. Keep learning and improving, and keep uploading.
About talent shows, I have seen even finalists not been able to pursue a career in music after the show ends, as they don’t know how to market themselves or whom to approach. It’s imperative to learn the basics so that you can support yourself until you find someone with the necessary skillset.

Looking back, is there something you would like to tell your younger self? What are your future goals? Any exciting projects we should keep an eye out for?

I would tell my younger self to take action quickly. Sometimes you keep waiting for the right moment to do something and then it’s too late. I am excited to announce that I will soon be releasing some of my originals. But you’ll always see me mashing up songs on my YouTube channel, as that is something I love and will never stop doing. I am planning to do more collabs in the near future.


  1. It is extremely difficult to inculcate totally different songs with others and make them sound this mesmerizing. Aksh Baghla is one of my favourites and I really like his singing style. Thank you Qeemle for providing us an insight into his life through this interview.

  2. He’s really good at his work and yet he thrives to learn more and more everyday. Everyone should identify their field of interests and work on improving skills.


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