Sat, 04 Jul 2020

Qeemle is an online student-run magazine at the University of Delhi campus. At Qeemle, we interview leaders and change-makers from all walks of life wherein we ask them five questions pertaining to their field of expertise, any advice they might have for young people and the likes. We believe that words have the power to move mountains and Qeemle is our humble attempt to encourage the Indian youth — our friends, acquaintances, and peers — to pursue their passion.

Since its inception in 2019, our team has grown manifold and now comprises of talented and inquisitive undergraduate students pursuing a multitude of diverse majors. This coming together of young, enthusiastic minds is testament enough to our commitment towards our collective goal of bridging the gap between industry leaders and soon-to-be success stories who need just the right dose of encouragement from people who’ve been in their shoes, to emerge from the chrysalis and spread their wings as they soar towards triumph!

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