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Tobias Gillen: You Need to Love That Game

Tobias Gillen is the managing partner of BASIC thinking GmbH - a modern media company with four magazines, more than 220,000 social...

Zack Greenburg: People Appreciate Tough Questions

Zack O'Malley Greenburg is the senior editor of media & entertainment at Forbes. He has authored three books: 3 Kings: Diddy, Dr....

Dakshita Das: Writing Is a Serious Business

Dakshita Das is the M.D, C.E.O of National Housing Bank. A 1986 batch Indian Railway Accounts Service officer, she has previously served...


Alok Govil: AI Could Augment Our Intelligence

Alok Govil is a principal engineer at Amazon, focusing on artificial intelligence and computer vision.  He is a full-stack technologist with breadth...

Sumit Rathi: Comes Down to Who We Are Playing Against

Sumit Rathi is an Indian Footballer who has represented India in the Under-14 AFC Festival Tournament, Under-16 AFC Qualifiers, Under-17 World Cup...

Pranav Goyal: JEE Advanced AIR-1 on How He Cracked It

Pranav Goyal secured AIR-1 in the JEE Advanced Examination in 2018 wherein he scored 117/120 marks in Physics, 114/120 in Chemistry and...


Anshuman Malhotra: Pay No Heed to Nay-Sayers

Indian actor and television personality Anshuman Malhotra has been acting since the age of 18. He has starred as the young...

Jay Oza: The Narrative Binds the Work Done by Every Department

Jay Oza is an Indian cinematographer from Baroda who started as a set production assistant just to experience working on a film...

Madhuri Vijay: Reading Requires a Distaste for Simple Morality

Madhuri Vijay was born and raised in Bangalore. She is the recipient of a Pushcart Prize, and her writing has appeared in...

Komal Khushwani: Indian Classical Dance Is Akin to the Ocean

Komal Khushwani is an accomplished Kathak artist and a disciple of Guru Pt. Jai Kishan Maharaj Ji with a Master's and Nipuna...

Vijay Yadav: I Feed into the Haryanvi Stereotype

Vijay Yadav is an Indian Youtuber and stand-up comic. He boasts a Youtube subscriber count of 420k+ and his genre of crude...

Aksh Baghla: Identifying Gaps in the Music Industry

Aksh is a singer/songwriter widely known for creating covers and mashups of popular songs. In 2016, his video "1 Guy 30 Voices(Indian Edition)"...

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